Have a fun time discovering some of the main architectural masterpieces of the Western world with ArchPuzzle – History of Architecture !

The game contains 20 puzzles with images of the most famous buildings in the history of Western architecture. Starting with the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge, it passes through other monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum in Rome and Farnsworth House right up to the Sydney Opera House.

These puzzles have been thought out and designed especially for children of 4 years and older up to adults of any age. Each puzzle is introduced by Marc, a boy who guides you through the buildings and explains a little about them as a reward for having completed the puzzle.

These puzzles are intended to familiarize youngsters with the most important buildings in history and their architectural styles. They will play around with elements and construction materials, associating them with the different areas in the building until the image is completed.

The game has been developed by two architects who have chosen the most representative and emblematic buildings from Western architectural styles.