Have fun in discovering the history of Helsinki with the help of these architectural masterpieces!

Download the app for free! The project has been financed by the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland.

The game contains 21 puzzles with images of the most famous buildings in Helsinki. They cover the complete history of the Finnish capital starting from the neoclassical center, passing through the period of famous architects like Alvar Aalto, up to modern architectural monuments.

These puzzles have been thought out and designed especially for children from the age of 4 years as well as to adults of all ages. Each puzzle is introduced by Marc, a boy who guides you through the buildings and explains a little about them, as a reward for you after having completed the puzzle concerned.

These puzzles are intended to familiarize youngsters with the history of Helsinki and with its architectural styles. They play around with construction elements and materials, associating them with the different parts of the building until the image is completed.

The puzzles are a great architectural guide for the youngsters on their visit to the capital of Finland.